Solar Services
in Atwater, CA

Solar Services Atwater, CA

We Help Homeowners Save on Energy Costs and Reduce Carbon Emissions with Expert Solar Services

These days, we use more energy than we did about 20 to 30 years ago. From plugging in smart devices around the clock to juicing an orange with an electrical rather than manual wringer, we rely on the current to simplify life. Unfortunately, the more state-of-the-art appliances we purchase, the higher our electricity bills and environmental impact. 

With solar services in Atwater, Turlock, Merced, and surrounding California areas, we guarantee the best of both worlds by helping you power your high-tech home with renewable solar energy. Join your neighbors who are creating safety and comfort for their families while saving a pretty penny.

Why Choose to Go Solar?

The upfront price of a solar installation, which may range from $3,000 to $35,000, depending on the panel type and roof’s square footage, may have you wondering whether now is the appropriate time to go solar. Especially during our current recession, when funds are tight, sticking with transcending utility bills may seem like your best bet. However, solar panels not only pay off but prove cheaper in the long run.

Photons from the sun’s rays absorb into the panel’s PV cells, which frees electrons and moves them to the circuit for electrical use. This process continues as long as you have an energy source. Since the sun’s energy is infinite, unlike the now scarce oil, coal, and gas, you’ll never worry about skyrocketing monthly bills that come with supply and demand. 

Moreover, since the sun’s energy is free, you only pay for the electricity you use. For instance, if your panels provide enough power to run your heating and cooling unit, you’ll pay about 56% less on utility bills, leading you to depend less on your utility supplier. These cutbacks will pay for your system in no time, especially since you can power almost anything this way. 

Solar Electrical Systems

Our bonded and insured team of electrical experts installs ground-mounted and rooftop-mounted panels onto residences in North Merced, South Atwater, and surrounding areas. While rooftop-mounted fixtures take up less property space, are out of sight, and require fewer materials for racking, some opt for the ground-mounted option.

Some properties rest between heavy foliage or larger buildings that block sunlight from their rooftops but have plenty of rays hitting their lawns and gardens. In these cases, ground-mounted solar panels may be the best option. Still, these panels are easier to access, clean, and troubleshoot during maintenance, and stay cool for more energy output. 

We’d be happy to help you determine the right solar electrical system for your needs. 

Solar Services Atwater, CA
Solar Services Atwater, CA

Solar Water Heaters

We also install and maintain solar water heaters as part of our solar services in Atwater, CA, by connecting PV solar panels to a new solar water heater. Solar water heaters can cut your electric bills by at least half since you can heat water naturally. That means most of the hot water you receive heats for free, compliments of the sun!

Doubling the hot water available to your house for less the electrical cost, solar panels will also have you no longer worrying about taking a cold shower if you live with many occupants. Even on cloudy days, in colder months, or in normally chilly climates, you’ll receive hot water while reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Pools

Solar pool heaters work differently than water heaters by pumping pool water through a filter and into the solar collectors on your roof. There, they heat with the electrons pulled from the sun’s rays before the system redistributes it into the pool. When the water becomes too hot during the summer, some solar pool heaters circulate it at night instead. 

If you choose one of our sensor system solar services in Atwater, the unit will automatically maintain your set pool temperature. When the temperature is perfect, the water goes from the filter back into the pool rather than through the collectors for heating.

Solar Services Atwater, CA

Other Appliances You Can Make Solar

  • Televisions, radios, and smart devices
  • Refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, and other kitchen appliances
  • Thermostats and HVAC and ventilation systems
Solar Services Atwater, CA

Fulfilling the Cosmic Order with Solar Power!

If you’re interested in protecting the environment while maintaining comfort at home, who says you can’t have it both ways? Since 2015, Cosmic Comfort has been providing prompt, friendly, and reliable solar services in Atwater, Turlock, and surrounding California areas. We conduct solar installations, repairs, and replacements alongside energy monitoring, so call 209-222-3161 to schedule five-star services today!


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