Solar Installation in Atwater, CA

Getting back to the basics doesn’t have to mean lighting a fire to get warm. Contact us for natural power that’ll keep you comfortable year-round!

With more than 12 million residences across the U.S. relying on solar energy to power their homes, it’s understandable why solar is a leading renewable energy source worldwide. However, understanding the benefits and features of a new solar installation in advance can help you make an informed decision. 

Before conducting a solar installation in Atwater, Turlock, Merced, or other surrounding California areas, trust Cosmic Comfort to relay the pros and cons of this investment. 

Why Consider a Solar Installation

Solar installations lower utility costs, as the electricity produced by solar systems naturally occurs from the reliable and infinite sun. As the photon particles in the sun’s rays absorb into your panel’s PV cells, they convert into electrons that travel to the circuit for household use. 

Since a solar installation directs this clean energy to your circuits before fossil-fueled electricity, you’ll rely less on coal, gas, and oil from utility carriers, resulting in cheaper monthly bills. That means you get to run the following more frequently for less:

  • Freezers, ovens, and kitchen appliances
  • Televisions, computers, and smart devices
  • Water and pool heaters
  • HVAC units and ventilation systems 

For the environmentally conscious, a solar installation in Atwater means a smaller footprint without cutting down on anything! Run your home as usual with half the carbon emissions. You may also receive federal tax credits and other incentives from the government for going green.

Solar Install Atwater, CA

Is a Solar Installation Right for You? 

You should consider a few factors to determine whether solar power is right for your household’s energy needs For instance, in the US, we get more sunshine from the south, so if your roof only allows for north-facing panels, they’ll generate a lower amount of electricity to power your home. 

Similarly, a roof pitch between a 30-to-45-degree angle helps the rooftop solar panels absorb more sunlight than a more angular one. But you may have sunlight issues near large trees or buildings. Luckily, ground-mounted solar panels in a sunnier area may better find the rays your home needs. 

Our team would be happy to review your current energy usage, roof slope, and property size to determine the type of solar installation that will best suit your needs. 

Solar Install Atwater, CA
Solar Install Atwater, CA

What to Expect from the Installation Process

After contacting our professional team to install solar panels, you can expect our solar contractors to follow these steps: 

  1. Examine your property and determine whether a PV system is compatible with your electrical setup
  2. Obtain the appropriate permits and documentation
  3. Discuss your choices and order the panels and other necessary equipment
  4. Conduct a one-to-three-day solar installation, depending on your roof’s size

Stellar Home Service from Cosmic Comfort!

As non-renewable energy is running out, you need security, safety, and comfort. 

Our licensed, bonded, and insured team of experts has almost a decade of experience at Cosmic Comfort, reliably providing solar assistance, maintenance, and energy monitoring. We’ll ensure that your home functions optimally with a solar installation in Atwater, Modesto, Livingston, and surrounding California cities. Call 209-222-3161 today!


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