Whole House Fan: Effective Cleaning Tips

Whole house fans are a huge asset to install at home. They help your home stay cool during summer and bring fresh air into your living spaces. But what happens if you feel like your air quality decrease? You might be asking yourself, does my whole house fan need to be serviced?

If your whole-house fan requires a good cleaning, don’t worry—this blog post will show you how to in just a few easy steps. Read on to restore the indoor air quality in your living spaces!

How To Clean A Whole House Fan

Safety Goes First

Before cleaning, turn off the power to your whole house fan; this way, you’ll ensure your hands or fingers don’t get caught by the fans. Your safety will always go first!

Use A Household Cleaner & Vacuum

Regular household cleaners and a microfiber cloth will be your best friend when it comes time to clean a whole house fan. A vacuum can come in handy for components like the motor or the exhaust vent.

Cleaning Your Whole House Fan Components

The Grille

Remove and clean the grille (the metal covering) with a damp cloth. Make sure that all dust and debris have been removed from the surface.

The Fan Blades

Use a damp cloth to clear the dust and dirt off of the fan blades. Be sure to take your time with this step, as you don’t want any debris left behind.

The Outlet Vents

Next, take a vacuum with an attachment hose and suck out any dirt or debris inside the outlet vents. This will help ensure that the air is circulating and that your indoor air quality stays clean.

The Motor

For the motor, use a brush to remove stubborn spots and dust on the engine. Use the vacuum to suck out any dirt and dust particles.

Get Your Whole-House Fan Serviced With Cosmic Comfort

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