EV Charger in Atwater, CA

EV Charger atwater

Do you need a new electric car charger installed in your home? Call professionals from Cosmic Comfort to install an EV charger in Atwater, CA.

Growing environmental concerns are motivating many drivers to swap their gas-powered cars for electric vehicles. EV drivers enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Fewer maintenance needs
  • No gas costs

However, one challenge is charging their vehicles.

Unlike the gas framework that makes modern driving easy, there are not enough public fast chargers to keep electric cars on the road for long drives. Thus, charging up whenever you can is essential. 

Professionals can install an EV charger in Atwater, CA homes, offering electric car owners convenient vehicle charging. Call expert electrical technicians from Cosmic Comfort to give your home the benefits of a car charger today.

Benefits of Installing a Home EV Charger in Atwater, CA

Electric car owners enjoy many benefits when they install a home EV charger. From functional to financial advantages, read about what an EV charger in Atwater, CA, could do for your home today.


If you depend on your electric vehicle for your daily commute, convenient charging is essential. Installing an EV charger in your home allows you to plug your vehicle in the moment you arrive home. That way, your car can fully charge while you sleep, enabling a stress-free morning commute.


Like gas stations, public charging stations for electric vehicles also cost money. Owning a charger reduces this expense, saving money over time.

Increased Property Value

Homeowners with electric vehicles can increase their property value by installing an EV charger. An at-home charger offers a selling point for prospective buyers and can help you obtain your asking price.

EV Charger atwater
EV Charger atwater

Types of EV Charging Stations

Several types of EV charging stations exist that can provide adequate power to your vehicle. However, before selecting a charger, it’s essential to understand the three “levels” available. 

Level 1 Charger

Level 1 Chargers are the slowest model. These 120-volt compatible chargers are most suitable for hybrid cars. It may require 10 or more hours for a fully-electric vehicle to charge with a Level 1 Charger.

Level 2 Charger

Level 2 Chargers are the best options for most homeowners. These chargers require a 240-volt circuit, which may require an additional installation. However, they can fully charge your vehicle in about three hours.

Level 3 Charger

Level 3 Chargers require electric capabilities beyond what most homes offer. Powered by direct currents, these chargers reach full battery in about 40 minutes. You can find Level 3 Chargers at most public charging sites.

Other Services From Cosmic Comfort

At Cosmic Comfort, we offer a wide range of electrical services, including:

We’d be happy to pair your EV charger installation with other electrical services and upgrades to maximize comfort in your home. 

EV Charger atwater

Hire an Electrician From Cosmic Comfort

Hire Top-Rated Professionals From Cosmic Comfort for Electric Car Charger Installation

For more information about installing an EV charger in Atwater, CA, call 209-222-3161 and request a free quote from Cosmic Comfort today.


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