Let’s Learn The Hazards Of Cracked Outlets

Electricity is not something to play with. When you have an electrical issue at home, such as a broken electric outlet, that threatens you and your family and any electrical appliances, it is essential to act fast.

If you’re a homeowner, thinking about the importance of searching for an electrician or if there are some reasons to hire an electric company to solve your problems, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the risks associated with electric outlets that have been cracked or damaged. Keep reading!

Electricity Can Cause A Fire

Electric shocks or sparks can occur without proper wiring and lead to an electric fire. Remember that electric fires don’t need oxygen to burn, so if your damaged electric outlet is, a spark can start a fire even when there’s no air.

Electricity Can Cause An Electric Shock

It is also possible for electric shocks to occur when electric outlets have been damaged. If you plug in a device, the electric current can travel through your body. This electric shock can be fatal and should not be taken lightly.

Damaged Electric Outlets Can Lead To Appliance Fires

Appliances plugged into a damaged electric outlet can malfunction and overheat, leading to an electric fire. This is especially dangerous since most electric devices contain plastic parts which will melt if exposed to high temperatures, creating toxic fumes. Also, electric fires can spread quickly if not put out in time.

Poorly Wired Electric Outlets Can Cause Electrical Shorts

A wrong-wired electric outlet can cause electrical shorts. This occurs when the electric current cannot properly return to its source and instead jumps between two points, creating a spark or electric shock. It also means that electric current is not reaching devices plugged into that electric outlet, leading to possible damage.

Threat To Your Family’s Integrity

Electric outlets that are cracked or damaged can also threaten your family’s integrity. An electric shock or fire could result in severe injury or death, since an electric current is powerful enough to stop a human heart.

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