Mini-Split AC: What You Need To Know Before Installation

As a homeowner, one of your principal concerns is your acclimatization system’s efficiency. A ductless mini-split AC system offers many advantages when compared to other units. However, its performance heavily relies on its installation and structural support. This blog post will help you determine where to install it to ensure it runs at peak performance. Read on to guarantee a flawless installation!

5 Considerations For Installing A Mini Split AC System

A mini-split AC’s main advantage is “zone-cooling.” This property makes it great to cool a single area instead of your entire home, reducing your bills every month. As mentioned before, this piece of equipment heavily relies on where it gets installed, so here are the 5 aspects you can’t miss when installing a mini-split AC system:

Structural Support

The wall holding your mini split AC must be strong enough to support the unit. Without proper structural support, the wall may not bear the unit’s weight and can cause significant damage if it fails or collapses.


You should mount your mini-split AC at an appropriate height. A good rule of thumb for installing a wall-mounted mini split indoor unit is about 6 feet from the floor for a room with standard ceiling height. If placed too low, the unit won’t be able to distribute the heated or cooled air properly.

Installation Angle

It’s imperative to level your ductless mini-split AC system when installed. This is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. If the air handler isn’t level, it won’t drain properly and, therefore, will not work as intended.

Outdoor Unit (Location)

The outdoor unit needs to be in an area where it is exposed to enough air circulation and can freely disperse the heat. The ideal spot for installation is at least 2 feet from any object and away from direct sunlight and water.

Indoor Unit (Location)

Finally, your mini-split AC system should not be near any windows or doors for efficient operation. If the indoor unit is close to potential temperature fluctuations, it will be much harder to regulate the temperature properly. 

The best is to install the indoor unit in a central location of the room, away from any drafty spots.

A Professional HVAC Contractor's Advice Is Always A Good Idea

It’s important to remember that sometimes professional opinion is the best way. Installing a mini-split AC system may seem simple, but only a professional can guarantee results in energy and thermal efficiency for your property. Not only can HVAC professionals help you choose the best unit for your needs, but they also know how many BTUs are necessary to cool specific spaces.

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