Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

Hot summer days can be miserable, especially if your air conditioner is blowing up hot air instead of keeping your home cool and comfortable. But why is your ductless mini-split AC system giving you the cold shoulder?

 If you’re looking for an explanation for this puzzling issue, this blog post will introduce you to the possible problems that could be causing your AC unit to fail. Keep reading for more information!

7 Reasons Why It’s Blowing Hot Air

It’s a common occurrence, and there are a few reasons why it may be happening.

1. Thermostat Problems

Malfunctioning thermostats can wreak havoc on your acclimatization system, making it impossible for you to set the correct temperature or do it accurately. An incorrect setting in your thermostat is a common reason your AC may be blowing hot air. Select “cool mode” instead of “fan mode.” 

2. Dirty Filters

An AC air filter filled with dirt and debris can prevent cold air from circulating throughout your home. You and your family will experience an uncomfortable temperature and breathe low-quality air.

3. Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels are a common issue, especially in older systems. They may cause the indoor coil to freeze, forcing warm air through instead of cool.

4. Improper Installation

Improper installation leads to air leaks. These leaks interrupt the airflow needed for proper cooling, dramatically reducing efficiency and potentially resulting in additional damage to the unit. 

5. Poor Maintenance

Poorly maintained AC units are one of the leading causes that cause your AC to blow hot air. Regular maintenance ensures your system runs at peak performance and will help you identify any potential problems. Neglecting your AC maintenance appointments can be more costly in the long run, especially for your comfort.

6. Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils help keep the air cool by transferring heat from your home to the outside. If these coils are dirty, their efficiency decreases and will cause your AC unit to blow hot air instead of cold.

7. Frozen Evaporator Coils

Frozen coils are another factor that may cause your AC to blow hot air. Coils freezing happens when the unit experience poor ventilation, most of the time for lack of maintenance.

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